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About the Firm

Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå AB specialises in both Swedish and international inheritance law. The firm also takes cases regarding the division of matrimonial assets.


The firm has a cooperation with attorneys in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Isle of Man and has many years experience in working with cases that has connections to these and other countries.


The firm offers you legal counsel, legal representation and also takes on the role as Estate Administrator, Matrimonial Assets Division Administrator or as Executor of wills.


By just taking on cases within legal fields that we truely have an indepth knowledge of we can offer you professional services at the highest of levels.



The firm has many years experience in dealing with both Swedish and international inheritance cases.

In a world where more and more people work, live and commute between countries the need for seeing to it that a last will and testament is written, choice of law is done and so on increases.

A person planning on moving abroad should for instance consider if he or she wants to choose which country's law should be applicable on his  or her inheritance.

We can help you with:

*Last wills and testaments

*Choice of law in the form of a last will and testament

*Representation in inheritance cases

*Setting up an estate inventory

*Application of European Certificate of Succession

*Setting up a contract for the division of the estate's assets.

*Rejecting an inheritance

*Contest a last will and testament

*Serving a last will and testament

*all other matters within the field of succession law.

Estate Administration

The firm accepts the role as court appointed estate administrator and has had many years of experience in being an estate administrator.

The firm takes on this role for cases that both involve Sweden and other countries and regardless if the assets are located in Sweden or abroad, as long as the Swedish court has jurisdiction to rule on the case.

If you need an Estate Administrator to handle an estate where you are an heir then you are welcome to contact us.

Civil Partnerships

Many Swedes today live in civil partnerships. IF you have to regulate your civil partnership in a contract (Samboavtal) then we are here to help you with just that.

A civil partner can have the right to certain assets as a civil partnerships ends either because the partners choose to separate or because on of them passes away. If you find yourself in such a situation and need representation then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Before or during a marriage the spouses can agree on and set up a prenuptual agreement between them. We are here to help you understand and set up a contract that corresponds to your needs.

If you are planning on moving abroad, in cases where you did not get married in Sweden or if you are planning on moving abroad it might be good to consider such matters as which country's law you want to be applicable on the division of your matrimonial assets in case of a divorce or the passing of either or both of you.

The firm is here to help you with the following:

*Setting up a prenuptual agreement

*Agreement on choice of applicable law

*Interpret prenuptual agreements

*Representation on the division of assets in case of a divorce or that either spouse passes away.


We also accept to be appointed by the court as m administrator for the division of the matrimonail assets.


If you find yourself as an heir in an inheritance case or in the midst of a divorce there are many occasions where you might need to be represented by an attorney and need the help of one. Such cases could for instance be if you want to contest a last will and testament, to serve a last will and testament, representation at an estate inventory meeting, representation when determining shares in an estate, contesting a decision by an estate administrator or simply when contacting a bank or government agencies regarding inheritances.We are well experienced with taking on such cases and are here to help you through your case.


In a family different kinds of documents might need to be set up between the family members such as gift documents or promissoriy notes. We are here to help you set up these documents and you are welcome to contact us should you have the need to consult someone on these matters.

Something about the

EU Regulation on Successsion (2012/650)

In august of 2015 EU adopted a regulation on succession. It regulates which country that has jurisdiction to rule on an inheritance case but also which law that should be applicable on said case.

The country in which the deceased had their habitual residency is the country in which the case should be administered and handled. No regards are taken to if that country is within or outside of the EU.

In the same manner it is the legislation of the country in which the deceased was habitualy residing that determines the right to inherit and that is the applicable law on the inheritance.

The deceased can also in a last will and testament choose the applicable law to be that of the deceased's citenzenhip's country.

In the cases where a choice of law has been made the heirs to the estate can, if they all agree, move that case to the country that was chosen in the last will and testament. If a Swedish citizen who had his habitual residency in the USA and had chosen Swedish law the heirs can choose to move the case to a Swedish court and that court will then instead have jurisdiction to rule on the case.


The regulation determines if a case should be put before a Swedish court or not, which law is applicable on the inheritance, if an estate inventory should be set up and so on.

In cases where an estate owns assets in another EU-country or in cases where an estate, that is handled under the jurisdiction of a non EU country, owns assets in Sweden

it is possble to apply for a European Certificate of Succession by the Swedish Tax Agency. With this certificate is then possible to handle the assets in Sweden.r. 

In some cases there is a possibility for a Swedish court to rule on an inheritance case even though the court that normally has jurisdiction is one outside of the EU.

The regulation causes many questions regarding applicable law, jurisdiction, how an inheritance case should be handled, where the habitual residency actually was and so on. We are here to help guide you through this.

Something about the

EU Regulation on Matrimonial Property (2016/1103)

Since the end of January 2019 the Eu regulation on Matrimonial property is in effect. It regulates which countries courts should deal with the division of matrimonial assets and in accordance to which countries laws that should be done.

In the case where the division is due to a divorce there are different circumstances that determines which country's court has jurisdiction to rule on the case. These can be found in the Brussel II regulation and can for instance be the spouses' last joint habitual residency.

In the cases where the division is done due to one of the spouses passing it is instead the court that has jurisdiction to rule on the inheritance that also has jurisdiction to rule on the division of the matrimonial assets.

The regulation also allows the spouses to choose applicable law on the division of their matrimonial assets by setting up a choice of law contract.

It also contains rules on which law should be applicable on the division. The case might be tried in one country that is to apply another country's laws when deciding on the matter.

When it comes to applicable law on division of matrimonial assets of spouses who got married before the regulation went into force it does not regulate the applicable law for those divisions unless the spouses after it came into force made a choice of law in a contract between them.

The firm has many years experience in dealing with these kind of cases and is happy to represent or counsel you. We also set up prenuptual agreements, choice of law agreements and deal with divisions of matrimonial assets.


Gabriel Gabrielsson

Attorney & founder

Phone:                 08-721 65 55


Language             Swedish, English, German.


2006                     International Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm, Assistant

2012                     Law degree, Stockholms university

2012                     Associate Bergquist & Partners Advokatbyrå AB

2016                     Member of Swedish Bar Association

2016                     Attorney at Bergquist & Partners Advokatbyrå AB

2016                     Partner at Bergquist & Partners Advokatbyrå AB

2022                     Founder of Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå AB


Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå AB is always searching skilled and experienced people to join our team. As part of our team you will together with others at the firm offer offer our clients profesional services at the highest of qualities within the legal fields we specialise in.

The law firm is looking for a person who wants to work with Swedish and the international inheritance and matrimonial propert divsion law, who wants to develope, learn and work closely with his/her coworkers to offer our clients the best legal services at the highest quality. Besides having good grades from law school and posess indepth knowledge of our legal field we would like you to command English, Swedish and German in both writing and speaking. If you command more languages than that then that is considered a bonus.

if you feel that you fit in on the description above and that you would like to work for us then feel free to send an application on the e-mail adress

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Regarding consumer conflicts with an attorney (advokat)

The Swedish Bar Association (Advokatsamfundet) has set up a board to try consumer related matters between a client and an attorney. Under some circumstances a client can turn to this board and have his dispute tried. More information can be found on the following link:

The postal address of the board is:

Box 27321
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Phone number: 08-549 03 00

Processing of personal data at Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå

Information under the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679 EC)

Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå protects your privacy and always strives to protect your personal data and handle it securely in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Below is information about how we process your personal data, for what purposes and reasons, and your rights in connection with this. Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå is responsible for the personal data in respect of contact persons that we receive in connection with assignments or which is otherwise processed when the assignment is prepared or administered. We collect information for our clients and, when deemed necessary, for other persons who may be included in the assignment, such as counter parties, counter party representatives, witnesses or other contact persons.

You are not required to provide your personal information or the personal information of other people to us, but unless we receive this information we cannot undertake an assignment for you because we cannot perform any necessary conflict of interest checks. We may also process data of persons outside of actual assignments such as suppliers, job seekers or potential clients. The personal data that is processed depends on the relationship with the registered person and may include name, civic registration number, contact details, invoicing information and information about the case that involves you. In connection with an assignment for you, we process data to perform mandatory conflict of interest checks, to perform and administer the assignment, to safeguard your interests, and for accounting and invoicing purposes.

Processing of the data is always performed on a legal basis – usually when you have given your consent or when it is necessary to make an agreement or a legal obligation. We will not disclose personal data to third parties other than when:

(i) it is specifically agreed between us and you,

(ii) within the framework of a particular assignment, it is necessary to safeguard your rights,

(iii)it is necessary for us to meet statutory obligations or comply with decisions by an authority or a court; or (iv)we engage external service providers who perform assignments on our behalf.

The information may also be disclosed to courts, authorities, counterparties and counterparty representatives if this is necessary to safeguard your rights. Personal data is never stored for longer than deemed necessary under applicable laws and regulations. Personal data which has been included in an assignment is stored for accounting purposes and in accordance with the archiving obligation of Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå under the Guidelines for the ethical standards of Swedish attorneys, for a period of ten years from the date of completion of the case or longer if this is considered necessary after careful consideration of the nature of the case. We also save the information which is deemed necessary for future conflict of interest checks.

You always have the right to request information from Gabrielsson Advokatbyrå free of charge regarding the use of the personal data relating to you. We will correct or delete data that is incorrect or limit the processing of such information at your request or as we consider appropriate. You also have the right to request that your information is not processed for direct marketing purposes.

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If you are dissatisfied with our processing of your personal data, you may file a complaint with the supervisory authority. In Sweden, the supervisory authority is the Data Inspection Authority ( If you do not live in Sweden, you can also contact the supervisory authority in the country where you live or work.

If you have any questions about our processing of your personal data, please contact us at or telephone +46-8-721 65 55.

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